Schedule and Topics

Catch the Fire Training is both experiential and practical. You will learn techniques from a wide range of arts including visual and craft arts, creative writing, poetry, music, movement, theater, and story telling. You’ll also gain leading-edge facilitation skills, allowing you to confidently employ these activities to unleash creativity in others. And it all happens within a supportive community of fellow changemakers, where it’s easy to take creative risks and discover new possibilities and potential.

A Typical Day at Catch the Fire

There is a flow and structure to each day of Catch the Fire, allowing us to cover a lot of ground. However, there is also room for improvisation and flexibility, especially when it comes to choosing your workshops and free time activities. The schedule will vary to meet the needs of the group.

9-10:45 am: Whole Group Learning Session (See samples below)

11 am-12:15 pm: Workshop Session #1 (See samples below)

12:30-2:30 pm: Lunch and Free Time

2:30-5:30pm: Workshop Sessions  #2 & 3

5:30-8 pm: Dinner and Free Time

8-9:30 pm:  Vibrant Art Events for Classrooms & Communities (See samples below)

Sample Group Learning Topics

  • Setting Your Group Up for Success
  • The Why and How of Developing Creative Confidence
  • Using Creative Practices to Build Vibrant Learning Communities
  • Taming Your Inner Critic
  • The 9 Personalities of the Facilitative Leader
  • Developing Resilience in Yourself and Your Group
  • Bringing the Reflection Process Alive
  • Engaging with Resistance
  • Integrating Creativity into Curriculum Design
  • And more!

Sample Workshop Topics

  • Discover Your Inner Artist
  • Leading Group Rhythms
  • Activities that Build Confidence in Speaking in Front of Groups
  • Spoken Word Poetry Made Easy
  • Visualization Techniques that Empower Learning
  • How to Get the Most Reluctant Group Singing
  • Bringing the Body into Learning through Movement
  • Theater Activities for Powerful Openings and Closings
  • Using Creative Practices for Future Visioning
  • Collaborative Curriculum Challenges
  • Exploring Values through the Visual Arts

Sample Community Arts Events

  • Using Easy-to-Lead Theater Activities to Build Community
  • Storytelling as a Tool for Connection and Building Self-Esteem
  • Creative Practices that Deepen Community Conversations

Meals and Snacks

Three delicious, healthy home-cooked meals plus morning and afternoon snacks are included in your tuition. Options include meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

Sample Free Time Activities

  • Exploring Your Creativity in the Art Barn
  • Beach Walks and Swimming (we are 10 minutes away from a fresh water lake and a Puget Sound Beach)
  • Nature Walks (we are surrounded by 100 acres of lush forests and trails)
  • Taking Naps and Downtime
  • Great Conversations and Networking
  • Soccer and other Spontaneous Games

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